Optimists are healthier and more comfortable in life innemedium.pl

Optimists are healthier and more comfortable in life innemedium.pl

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Positive thinking is one of the most important aspects of human life – it is a manifestation of a healthy, joyful, benevolent attitude towards oneself, other people, the environment and a decisive factor in maintaining and recovering. It is also proven that optimists are more successful in life and create their own happiness. Properly positive thinking and attitude is a prerequisite for a successful, happy life.

Optimists are people who love almost everything in life. They like picnics, cinema, love books, sports, concerts, cities, countryside, animals, mountains – in a word: they love everything. They love life. When you are among them, you will find no laments, you will notice that they do not sigh heavily. When it rains – they don't worry when it's hot – instead of lamenting, they are cheerful. They are always cheerful because they know that waiting for joy is unreasonable – they live here and now without expecting joy in the future. Optimists are people with high energy levels. If a person becomes pessimistic even for 5 minutes, then those minutes are lost. Optimism is courage, passion, enthusiasm and faith in success. Human life can be wonderful if we look around and discover miracles that we can hear and see: loved by us, beautiful spring days, singing bird on a branch, playing child, developing flowers, sunset or starry sky.

Perhaps we have been surprised many times to see people experiencing illness or poverty who are still able to enjoy life. We also know people who, despite their health and prosperity, live in a constant sense of dissatisfaction, internal anxiety and frustration. So there is something in us, in our psyche, which makes us see the world in a different way. Modern man, unfortunately, is often stuck in apathy. An unusual epidemic of depression, complaints and ubiquitous sadness is observed among people. In the media, you hear constantly about wars, cataclysms, unemployment and hard times. In psychology itself, there are many more articles on sickness, depression, anxiety and anger than those dealing with joy, courage, perseverance, faith or responsibility. Dementia, sadness or depression make it difficult or impossible to think positive. And they are not accidental states. They are always the result of internal beliefs, limitations and past events. First, free yourself from them. Otherwise for optimism built by a person they will be a great burden preventing fully optimistic thinking.

Optimists live longer

The relationship is very simple. It is impossible to separate our psyche from the body. Usually, our body image is a reflection of our state of mind. A study of 100,000 women and presented at the American Society Psychosomatic meeting revealed a strong link between a positive attitude to the world and goals, and a lower risk of cancer, heart disease or premature death. Scholars from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania invited a large number of people to study personality and health. After eight years of monitoring participants, it turned out that the death rate was 23% higher among people with the highest pessimism compared to people with a positive attitude to the world. It has also been shown many times that experiencing many negative feelings, such as anger, aggression, anxiety, sadness and frustration, for a long time has a harmful effect on the body leading to chronic stress.

Pessimists are not successful

Pessimism is also a self-fulfilling prophecy. Pessimistic people take failures very much and look for their causes in their imperfections. Complaining usually does not entail concrete action that would lead to change for the better. Thus, it strengthens the feeling of a person's lack of influence on the surrounding reality. And if they take any steps, they often worry about possible failures. And the rule is simple – you will not achieve success if you do not believe in it.

We practice showing gratitude. When we start to appreciate what we have, then deep gratitude is born in our heart for ourselves, our lives and our loved ones. It is worth making a daily reflection on the good that comes to us every day, and thank you for that good. Such a simple exercise in discovering the good in our lives will make us notice it more and more and it will come to us more easily. And in a heart filled with gratitude, there will be no room for deep sadness and despair.

An increase in optimism, even temporary, can happen through various inspirations and situations that come from outside of us. The more positive content, information, words, the more optimism energy increases in us and in the environment. It is constructive energy that triggers many positive changes. And when we find the serenity in ourselves, it is worth passing it on.